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Your Teacher, Lone Sorensen, Denmark

Profil Lone Sorensen

Award winner – Women’s Education Expert – International Speaker and Trainer – Author Lone Sorensen is a therapist educated in acupuncture, reflexology, kinesiology, aroma therapy, and laser therapy. She is the Danish woman behind the world’s largest Facial Reflexology and Neuro Reflex therapy school.


She pioneers a method called Neuro-Reflex Therapy, a methodology for physical and mental health and wellness combining therapies from oriental medicine and primitive techniques of aborigines. The therapeutic methods include Temprana therapy, a rehabilitation method of parents’ home training for children with brain damage, syndromes, and mental and learning problems.
She dedicated 10 years of her professional experience to Denmark and 13 years to Argentina and has been based in Spain since 2001.

Lone Sorensen started her first school in Copenhagen, Denmark, and opened 3 schools in Argentina after that. Her methods and concepts were approved in 2000 by the centre “Kurhuset” for patients with brain damage in Denmark.
In 2021, Lone was selected by O.M.H.S. (Humanity World Organization Pro-Health in Argentina), receiving three Nobiliary titles for her work in Argentina.
Lone has led many projects in the Argentinian Amazon, Guatemala, the Desert in Oman, and Denmark.

Currently, Lone Sorensen owns the International School of Reflex therapy and teaches her patented concept of Reflex therapy with 35 instructors and 30 hands-on trainers in 26 countries worldwide.

Since 2014, she has organized training programs and courses ONLINE for both professionals and parents, with the following main topics:

  • Access to holistic health care educational programs educating on financial, social, and health resources for women.
  • Short education programs that help women embark on opportunities that could benefit them and their families, improving health and income.
  • Designed manual and natural Home Training models for parents, including programs for children with difficulties learning, behavioural issues, emotional problems, Autism, ADHD, Hyperactivity, Dyslexia, and OCD.
  • Senior Health Care Solution aims to train families to provide a natural method for elderly care.